FRINGE REVIEW – The Man of Mode


Updating George Etherege’s classic Restoration comedy, originally written in 1676, to the 1980s is a promising premise. Those with a taste for nostalgia will certainly enjoy the retro soundtrack and period fashions.

The young cast perform to a strong amateur standard, and throw themselves into their parts with real gusto. They do their best to keep the complex story line clear. And for the most part they succeed, although the writing cuts necessary to keep the play down to a Fringe-sized time slot mean many of the intricacies of the original story are lost and occasionally this makes the action difficult to follow.

The 1980s update is not entirely successful, it can feel slightly gimmick-y and at times detracts from the emotional impact of the piece. However the performers have clearly put a huge amount of effort and enthusiasm into this show. And with the people onstage enjoying themselves so much, the audience is bound to follow suit.

4-13 Aug 1835 (1935) @ C eca  More info here.

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