FRINGE REVIEW – The Great Brain Robbery


A rapid-fire sketch show from a group of Fringe first-timers, The Great Brain Robbery contains enough good ideas and clever skits & songs to make it worth the price of a ticket to their comedy destination.

With little more than silly wigs and comedy glasses, the group speed through a series of sketches which range from the ridiculous to the even more ridiculous – passing through some wonderfully dark and twisted tunnels en route.

Highlights include a parody of children’s TV in the gloriously-titled Arthole; a headmaster dishing out punishments which far outweigh the crimes; and a song about the joys of travelling. And, like many such shows at the Fringe, if you find one of the sketches missing the mark, then you needn’t worry – there’ll be another one along in a minute. Performances from the group are good, demonstrating some fine comic timing and delivery, and avoiding any hint of (intentional) awkwardness.

Eschewing anything so fancy as a narrative or thread running through the show, The Great Brain Robbery is sketch comedy in its purest, simplest and silliest form: and is a show well worth catching before the group depart again after their short run, hopefully to make the return journey to Edinburgh again next year.

The Great Brain Robbery runs until Aug 28 at Just The Tonic @ The Caves at 13:45

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