FRINGE REVIEW – The Curse of Miss Fortune


Although it has its heart in the right place, The Curse of Miss Fortune misses most of the targets it aims at – possibly by firing at so many.

A pastiche of film noir with a Carry On / 1970s style tone of innuendo played as a farce, this short comedy play tells the tale of various connected characters in 1950s America; and how the enigmatic Miss Fortune pulls their strings, tempting them in classic femme fatale fashion (albeit using a large pink plastic piggy bank).

Although the company are self-aware enough to make fun of it, the staging is simple in the extreme. Performances are competent; accents hit the mark; but any sparks which could have made this a blazing romp through its chosen territory too often fizzle out without being developed to their true potential.

There is a small nod to audience interaction where we are asked to choose between two possible endings: however, there isn’t enough on offer here to make you want to come back and see how the alternative finale plays out.

The Curse of Miss Fortune plays until 13 Aug at theSpaces @ The Surgeon’s Hall at 13:10. More details here

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