FRINGE REVIEW – The Bitch Doctors


The Fringe can take its toll on audiences: everything from a slight headache to trench foot; a general feeling of bewilderment to full-blown scurvy. Fortunately, The Bitch Doctors are here to help, with a healthy dose of comedy-based advice and cabaret-flavoured medicine – which certainly doesn’t cause drowsiness.

There seem to be dozens of variety shows at this year’s Fringe. Most of them seem to be compered by Desmond O’Connor. And this one is no different, with the silver-tongued charmer taking his trademark firm hand to proceedings here, keeping the show’s momentum rolling with some sparkling banter and performing his humourous songs with relish.

What is different about this particular show is the premise – Des is joined by a trio of fellow ‘doctors’, each one a specialist in afflictions of the heart, body or mind. Together, they dispense their tongue-in-cheek diagnoses to questions submitted by the audience, resulting in a show which attends to the Fringe needy and treats their funny bones into the bargain.

As the doctors are also performers from across the Fringe, we are also treated to relevant segments from their repertoires. Therefore today, we get Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer explaining to us all how it is no longer acceptable to get overly friendly with goats; and ukulele-playing comic Helen Arney singing odes to monthly cycles and mooncups.

This is an hour of top-quality treatment from cabaret practitioners at the peak of their professions. The doctors are in for the remainder of the month, and weary Fringe-goers should be advised that their particular brand of medicine should at be taken at least once during their open surgery at the Voodoo Rooms.

The Bitch Doctors runs until Aug 28 (not Mondays) at The Voodoo Rooms at 17:30. More details here.

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