FRINGE REVIEW – The Amazing Bubble Man (USA) – The Amazing Bubble Show (C too)


By the McNaughtons

Louis Pearl, the Amazing Bubble Man, has been a regular visitor to the Edinburgh Fringe for many years now, but this was the first time our Junior Review team had had a chance to see him in action, although he has been creating and performing Bubble Shows for 30 years.

Before the show, I asked Alex if he was looking forward to the show, and he said – “yes, he’s so cool, have you seen the videos of him on YouTube?”  Which begged the question in my mind – will kids ever stop wanting to see live performance when they can find so much on YouTube?

Fortunately for Louis Pearl, the YouTube clips of him are getting it right – making the audience even more eager to see him.  No amount of on-line clips can be a substitute for seeing a show for real.

The age range in the audience was as broad as life is long.  Tiny babies sat mesmerised at the colours of the bubbles, whilst slightly grumpy toddlers sometimes got a bit fed up that they weren’t up there bursting all the bubbles. And there were even volunteers eager to get involved from the older age groups. The Amazing Bubble Man dealt with them all with the even-tempered nature of one who’s very accustomed to working with an audience where a large proportion are having their very first live theatre experience.  He selected willing participants from the audience with fairness, and there was always a feeling that if you wanted to be up there joining in, your turn would come along in a minute.

Our 9-year old reviewer had to sit on his hands to stop himself from volunteering too early and disqualifying himself from having a turn at his wished for event: being inside a giant bubble.

Overall, this is a good safe bet for taking very young children to see the magic of a live performance.  Older children will enjoy the more scientific elements of the show, such as seeing the dynamics of a bubble bursting.

Adults just need to watch out that they’re wearing clothes which will dry easily – it can get a bit wet in the audience!

Added comments by Helen (13): “I really enjoyed it, and hadn’t realised it was going to be so funny.”

Added comments by Alex (9): “It was AMAZING.  I liked being inside the bubble and seeing what it looked like from inside.  It was also very good when Mum got squirted when the Bubble Man was aiming at someone else.”

August 4 – 29 12:05 @ C Too, St Columba’s by the Castle, EH1 2PW

More information on the Fringe website.

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