FRINGE REVIEW – Street Dreams


Street Dreams tells the simple story of a homeless old man looking for some peace and quiet. A low-key story, certainly, but one full of moments which evoke delighted laughter and gasps of wonder from an
audience of all ages.

Despite having a stage set and indeed characters composed mainly of rubbish, this must be one of the most visually striking and lovingly detailed productions on offer. Little Cauliflower have crafted a grubby cityscape from distressed boxes, discarded bags and newspapers which not only looks the part but also enables the puppeteers to create a magic world full of distinct characters who emerge from every nook and cranny.

In the hands of the talented puppeteers, the old man is remarkably human. But even more of a feat is their skill at animating obviously found objects. A rubber glove, a length of tubing, discarded banana skins and empty plastic bottles all become living beings with individual personalities.

The attention to detail also comes to the fore with the original soundtrack, performed live onstage (these puppeteers are also musicians, it seems) and complemented by sound effects created by the puppets in seamless interaction.

Little Cauliflower may be young, but they are punching well above their weight with this wonderfully inventive urban dream.

4-28 Aug (not 16) 1140 (1240) @ Underbelly

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