FRINGE REVIEW – Snow White: The Way Through The Woods


WIth its retelling of the classic fairytale, Two Shades of Blue attempt to enshroud Snow White in a dark and gothic atmosphere. Sadly, with a lack of projection and a confusing plot, the tale ends up lost in the forest.

The piece is framed by a little boy’s nightmares, as he finds himself drawn into a malevolent storybook land inhabited by wicked witches, dwarves and princesses. Snow White herself is put upon at every turn, the witch’s machinations even causing unwelcome advances from her father. And through it all, the deeds are narrated by a mysterious figure who isn’t all he seems.

All the parts which could go to make this an intriguing whole are present. The young cast are enthusiastic and earnest; the ten-piece orchestra providing a live soundtrack are accomplished; the set and costumes have a suitably fairytale look: yet, rather than add up to something greater than the sum of its parts, Snow White suffers from a couple of issues which see it missing the target it sets itself.

The performances suffer from being a little stilted, with an overall lack of projection and weak delivery making the action at times hard to follow – especially when the young cast’s voices have to compete with the orchestral music which swells out from the side of the stage and threatens to drown out proceedings. And the story itself is a little convoluted; with a few too many themes and subplots introduced. Had it stuck to the central tale of Snow White herself, things may have been clearer; but as it stands, this storybook feels like it has too many pages.

Snow White runs until Aug 21 at Paradise in Augustine’s at 17:10.

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