FRINGE REVIEW – Sleeping Beauty


Another Soup’s retelling of the Sleeping Beauty story takes the original and twists it into something dark and unexpected in an enjoyable production from a promising new company making their Edinburgh debut.

Princess Briar Rose has been doubly cursed by the evil witches of the Eastern Marches: evil crones who want the young princess for their own nefarious devices – or worse. As their plot takes hold, the kingdom and its inhabitants begin to suffer as their plan begins to turn, like the spinning wheel on which Briar Rose pricks her finger.

Another Soup have created an imaginative and engrossing piece here. The young cast are a pleasure to watch, in their facepaint and simple yet effective costumes; and the staging has some clever moments of puppetry and mime throughout.

Short enough to maintain its pace, but long enough to allow the tale to develop and for some key performances to shine, Sleeping Beauty is an interesting alternative take on the classic fairytale which shows not every story needs a ‘happily ever after’ in order to come to a satisfying close.

Sleeping Beauty runs until 27 Aug at theSpaces on North Bridge at 16:10

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