FRINGE REVIEW – Sink or Spin


By Chiara Pannozzo

The only time that laughing feels mildly like a workout is when you are catapulted into a state of giggles that’s so fierce that your ribs begin to hurt. The Sink or Spin performance presented a very different mode of keeping fit, taught by a very unique instructor, Clement (Donal Coonan), a Spinning enthusiast, keen to secure a permanent position within Bannatynes Health Club on Queen Street.

Set within the Spin Studio at the health club,  each bike had been covered with a sheet and a Dorito, which had the audience mystified from the moment they entered the venue. What was to follow was Clement’s seven step spin module, where all troubles were to be left at the door and replaced with the notion that a love for spinning could solve anything.

The setting for the show was absolutely perfect as spin bikes were pivotal to this particular performance. Coonan gave an entirely convincing performance as a spurned French man, who had previously been scorned by his ex-wife and her love for cycling, not spinning. This failed relationship encouraged Clement to develop a career as a spinning instructor, who not only valued fitness, but insisted on imparting wisdom on the woes of everyday life to those perilous enough to attend his class. Combining spinning with torrid comments about his ex-wife soon prompts the gym manager Dan (Producer Jonathan Ash) to look more closely at his newest instructor.

An excellent comedy show, with a particularly strong performance from Coonan, this show is guaranteed to have you pedalling at the same pace with which you are laughing. Clement’s personal tragedies are relatable, whilst incorporating a comic twist that’s guaranteed to have you falling off your bike with laughter.

A show more suited to those aged 18 and above, this performance has something for everyone. Whether you can relate to Clement’s thirst for fitness, or his longing for his ex-wife, Sink or Spin is well worth getting in a sweat for.

4-29 August,  1415 (1515) Bannatynes Health Club

More information on the Fringe website.

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