FRINGE REVIEW – Scary Gorgeous


By Hayley-Jane Doyle

In a performance where blinking is unthinkable, RashDash’s journey of discovery about sex and sexiness is jaw-droppingly phenomenal.

Sassy and powerful, Greenland and Goalen create an incredible and inventive piece. The performance remains edgy, unpredictable and exciting throughout, where it runs impressively smoothly from dialogue to dance to song with unrivalled fluidity. Each transition is slick, agile and expressive. Emotions from one scene are successfully and cleverly transferred to the next, and then used in an entirely different situation and environment. Greenland and Goalen’s show is flirtatious, hilarious and insightful; incredible fun. In an outburst of such acute energy, it would be impossible for these girls to work any harder on stage.

Both components of RashDash have an absolutely fantastic audience connection which embellishes the remarkably close, unbreakable and captivating theatrical bond which the two performers share.  The characters they adopt, whose skin they wonderfully and wholly step in to, are utterly convincing. They invite constant compassion towards their complexities, vulnerabilities and the constant power shifting of the two girl’s relationship. Goalen’s characterisation is so believable that even those off-stage desire to seek her approval!

Contrasting moments and scenes of awkward hilarity, tense nervousness and enchanting solidarity are continuously glued to one another in a vivid, emotional and provocative collage. Each thought and feeling explodes on to the stage in a glorious and sensual montage, with enormous help from the band Not Now Bernard. Their music is touching, potent and beautifully harmonic, twinning perfectly with the narrative. They help even the on-stage changing between scenes to hold tension and command an eerie authority. Greenland and Goalen’s voices are fabulously stunning and they demonstrate through their bodies that their musicality does not end there. Breath-taking and sensual, the fragments of dance are beautiful.

Despite delicious exhaustion by the end, an hour and a half show is simply not long enough; when the performance comes to the end, the audience remains engrossed and spellbound, screaming out for more. These incredibly talented triple-threats give you everything you could possibly want from a show. They could, undeniably, rule the world.

6-20 August, 21:00 @ Bedlam. More information.

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