FRINGE REVIEW – Russell Kane: Manscaping


From the King of the 2011 Edinburgh Fringe Festival comes a completely hysterical look at his rise to stardom after winning last year’s Fosters award.

Russell Kane’s 2011 show put him on the comedy map in a big way, so his next show was always going to be the difficult one. From the moment he excitedly enters the stage to a blaring rock tune, we begin to anticipate what antics we’re about to witness.

Russell’s style of delivery is completely unique. Unlike most comedians, there are no witty jokes, or tedious observations in his set. Everything he talks about are simply stories and truths about things which have occurred to him expressed in a completely elegant style. His energy levels are simply phenomenal as he seems to ‘float’ around the stage acting out his tales in a manner which completely captivates the entire audience. The performance takes place breakneck speed, so we’re often left wondering if he’s going to take a minute to come up for air or just continue keeping us in fits of laughter.

What I hadn’t expected from the show was his complete openness with the audience. His journey over the past 12 months sounds completely intense with many emotional ups and downs. As much as we feel in the company of a newly crowned celebrity, there is a real sense of him still being completely humbled by his new found situation.

He is essentially trying to work out ‘what’s next’ for himself explaining that, by the five year mark, most of his ventures start to fall apart and that for him, this is now becoming a huge concern. If I could offer any advice, it’s that he stops worrying about it! He is clearly on a marvelous journey and regardless of the choices he makes next for where to take his career, by the audiences reaction this evening, it won’t matter what he decides. He can do no wrong.

As I said at the beginning, this was always going to be his most difficult show as he set the bar so high last year. While I don’t feel he’s raised the bar any higher this year, he’s certainly maintained the same strong level he’s proved he’s capable of.

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