FRINGE REVIEW – Rock The Ballet


Rock The Ballet powerfully pushes dancing to an entirely new level.

The choreography is exciting and fresh with each breathtaking section making the audience eager to experience the next impressive dance segment. A new language of dance is created where comedy combines with highly demanding dance to result in a sexy and extraordinary explosion of movement. Considering the high level of energy within the show, it is surprising that the roof remained by the end of the performance!

Every fantastic arrangement is executed with exceptional strength and precision. The dancers are remarkably talented and technically fantastic. This is particularly impressive as they are similarly strong in a diversity of styles. Their equally feisty and charming performances are transfixing and compelling where, whilst exerting unbelievable amounts of personality, they are constantly spilling fluidly on to the stage.

Despite an utterly over-indulgent curtain call, this show will leave you begging for these dancers to be performing in front of you every time you hear one of the songs from the show’s lively soundtrack.

9-28 August  1800 @Assembly Hall

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