RIOT is a devised piece by the aptly-named young theatre company The Wardrobe Ensemble. It tells the story of 10 February 2005, when Ikea opened its largest UK branch and rioting ensued as the public rushed to grab a bargain.

The Wardrobe Ensemble have wisely chosen to play up the darkly comedic aspect of this tragedy. This is truly satirical humour, a bleak comment on greed and consumerism offered up with tongues firmly in cheeks.

The set has been sourced entirely from Ikea, with innovative use of lighting used particularly effectively to establish mood. The energetic cast play a wide range of characters, as well as playing
live music onstage. The frantic, discordant beats create an appropriate mood of panic and help set the scene perfectly.

This is, sadly, a far more timely piece of theatre than the cast could have possibly imagined even a week ago. As well as an entertaining hour of theatre, it is also an apparently necessary reminder of just how “civilised” our society really is when greed comes into play.

8-29 Aug (not 16) 1315 (1415) @ Zoo Roxy

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