FRINGE REVIEW – Pollyanna, Skyblue Theatre Company


It was with some sadness that we set off to see Pollyanna today, not because we were expecting disappointment from the show, but because this was to be our last reviewing assignment as the family review team for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2011.

What a delight it was to find how much we enjoyed Pollyanna – you know the story, she’s the girl who sees the positive side to every situation.  From the moment Pollyanna stepped on to the stage, her smiling face lit up the room: a completely perfect piece of casting for one young actress.

We were surprised to find such a large company of actors in this production – at one point we counted 26 people on stage.  Each and every one of them put in a great performance today, and added to our enjoyment of the show.  Although we’ve singled out Pollyanna as being perfect for the role, the rest of the cast was strong, and really played well together.

This was a musical adaptation of the story of the orphan Pollyanna, who goes to stay with her strict aunt, shakes up everyone she meets and gets into some scrapes before cheering everyone up and ensuring a happy ending to the story.  Set in the early 1900’s the costumes were well designed to create the scenes, and the use of 6 scene shifters who remained on stage for much of the duration of the performance was an unusual but effective device.  We also liked the use of the doorways to represent the different places where the action was taking place.

Although this was billed as a children’s theatre performance, the audience on the day we went was a thorough mix of different ages, and we think that by the smiles on everyone’s faces, and the obvious enjoyment of the show that all age groups were well catered for.

The Sky Blue Theatre Company have much to congratulate themselves for in this performance, and we’d recommend it to any age group from around 4 to 104!

Added comments by Helen (13): Very good re-enactment of one of my favourite stories.

Added comments by Alex (9): Very good acting.  I enjoyed the atmosphere as a lot of it was very imaginative, but I don’t want to give away the excitement.

Dates: Until 26 August  @ C Venues, C +2

By The McNaughton Family Review Team

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