FRINGE REVIEW – Pistol & Jack: Smash.Glam.Sex.Music


Britney meets Morrissey, Lady Gaga meets Radiohead, Madonna meets Iggy: and Pistol meets Jack.

In this fast-paced and enjoyable hour of musical comedy, US popstress Pistol and rough and (always) ready rocker Jack tell the tale of how they met – thrown together by fate to end up performing their unique style of pop / rock mashups.

Much of the humour here comes from the mismatch. Pistol is a small and sparkly pop princess, with all the neuroses which come with the territory. And Jack is a poster child for the sex and drugs and rock n roll lifestyle (especially the sex). Their uneasy alliance not only produces the music, but an enjoyable love / hate chemistry between the two.

The music routines are accomplished and clever, mixing up lyrics and tunes from both genres at breakneck speed. Sometimes, the sound is a bit muddied, which lessens the impact, but on the whole this is impressive and well-played stuff which will appeal to pop kids and rockers alike.

As Jack sits in the audience serenading his his next lucky potential conquest, Pistol projects all of her daddy issues onto someone in the front row; making for some enjoyable audience interaction which is good-natured without being cruel.

If Pistol & Jack have the success they deserve at Edinburgh this year, though should hopefully return after being able to jack up the volume and polish their pistols: after which they would go from being a funny and enjoyable act to a potentially great one.

Pistol & Jack: Smash.Glam.Sex.Music plays from 10-28 Aug (not Tuesdays) at 21:20 at Assembly George Square. More details here.

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