FRINGE REVIEW – Piff The Magic Dragon: Last of the Magic Dragons


It’s hard to dislike a show featuring a disgruntled magician dressed in a dragon outfit. It’s impossible to dislike one which also features a tiny chihuahua dressed in a dragon outfit.

Such is the premise and the appeal of Last of the Magic Dragons, an hour of fun – and impressive – comedy magic from Piff. Bitter, twisted and sober following the acrimonious split from his ex-wife, Piff resorts to his magic for comfort. And as a thinly-veiled attempt to attract a new potential mate, several of whom he identifies as candidates in tonight’s audience.

There’s something endearing about Piff, with his hangdog expression and deadpan delivery – even with his constant attempts to extort money from the audience. And, as the show progresses, the magic gets more impressive and Mr Piffles (the chihuahua) wins over any hearts still left unmelted.

By the end of the show, Piff has astonished the audience with his feats of mindreading and magic; Mr Piffles has charmed in the way only a levitating chihuahua can; and everyone is left amused and satisfied by one of the most original comedy magic acts on the circuit today.

Last of the Magic Dragons runs until Aug 28 at Just The Tonic @ The Store. Times vary.

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