FRINGE REVIEW – Paul Foot: Still Life


Paul Foot is obviously a man who likes to play with the conventions of comedy. With 15 years of experience under his belt, he is sufficiently confident at this preview show to spend fully half of his allotted time on introductory material.

From the moment Foot announces himself from an “undisclosed location”, the audience are on his side. No matter that his approach is sometimes shambolic, that it is often unclear what is a mistake and what is planned, that large portions of the show are delivered in unintelligible gibberish. Paul’s fans – or “connoisseurs” as he prefers to call them – are with him all the way.

Foot’s style won’t appeal to everyone. His rambling delivery may prove frustrating for those looking for quick-fire jokes, he devotes too much time to some material and certain bits veer into self-indulgence. But this is a man who has obviously found his niche, and a roomful of happy people speaks for itself.

4-28 Aug (not 16) 1940 (2040) @ Underbelly

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