FRINGE REVIEW- Outside, C Venues


An exploration of the tense and haunting world of Agoraphobia, Outside is an insightful and intriguing piece, with plenty of potential.

Although it has a hint of predictability, the concepts and impressions which the play raises are interesting and thought-provoking. The cast successfully maintains the appropriate deep, and sometimes dark, tone, forcing perceptions to feel tantalizing and significant. The writing is eloquent with a relaxed and fluid style which fits comfortably with the cast and intimate venue.

Through physicality, voice and expression, Kelly’s characterisation of Nick is immediately impressive. He moulds Nick to become startlingly endearing and hold tremendous presence throughout. His stillness is transfixing and his sparkling, terrified eyes are incredibly powerful; Nick’s ironic and baffling complexities are expressed delicately and persuasively.

Stodel is fully commanding and confident throughout. Despite some occasional lapses in the credibility of his performance, he leaves a strong, lingering impression each time he leaves the stage. He and Kelly compliment one another, with their intense and manipulative relationship being convincing and intense.

Reavey’s on stage connection with both characters is charming, her relaxed performance bonding all three together to make the piece feel whole, complete and engaging. Her expression of Lilly’s innocence and attractive nature is captivating, subtle and calming.

Despite some flatness and dragging scenes, overall the cast successfully maintained the tense and curious atmosphere of the piece, achieving focus and intrigue with each emotional moment. The piece hinted towards, at times, requiring a greater contrast between the differing emotional fragments to consolidate its impact, but the cast managed to maintain a sufficient intensity to engage its audience.

Outside is curiously inviting, devasting and astute.

5-20 August, 13:15 @ C Venues – C Soco

Review by Hayley-Jane Doyle

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