FRINGE REVIEW – Morgan and West: Crime Solving Magicians


Morgan and West the Victorian Time Travelers fit in perfectly to their venue in the Billiard Room at the Gilded Balloon. The stage was laid out in the same fashion as your great grandma’s front room, with an old antique cabinet containing many props for the show in the centre. Also four identical pictures of the gentlemen, were sitting at either side of the stage, waiting to delight the audience.

Their performance itself consisted of them trying to solve their own murder. The show was set out into eight chapters, with members of the audience helping in each section of the show. The audience members were part of the story and were asked to think, say and do different actions to help with clues to the murder. With strong magic and humor throughout, the duo had the audience chuckling and bemused throughout.

Amazing feats are created such as, memorising the order of an entire deck of cards, (whilst doing a quick-change act) – to even escaping from shackles and chains, and predicting the thoughts of members of the audience. Clearly foreseeing what a selected spectator decides in a game of Cluedo, adds the amazing tricks that follow.

The pair’s unique Victorian style of performance and also stage presence is brilliant and yet intriguing. This draws the intimate crowd into their strange and mysterious world.

With every trick performed, there was a twist, which added to the plot of them trying to catch the killer – almost in a shelock homes fashion. The finale to the show is an incredible build up and round off the show as a whole, with an on stage spectator being mistaken for the killer. This is a great all round show, and is a great family spectacle.

17th – 29th August 15:30 @ Gilded Balloon Teviot

Review by Elliott Bibby

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