FRINGE REVIEW – Livewire’s Peter Pan


Livewire whisk the audience to Neverland and back at breakneck speed in this 50 minute piece of children’s theatre, which relies too heavily on the melodrama and pantomime-like delivery, flying too high above the opportunities to charm and captivate a young audience.

With its youthful cast and clever costumes, Peter Pan is enjoyable to watch, as all the pirates, Lost Boys and Indians appear on stage. However, they appear briefly before rushing off through the central aisle of the audience, performing a quick costume change, then returning in a different costume as another character in JM Barrie’s tale of childhood’s end.

Potentially confusing for a young audience and distracting for the adults, the pacing of Peter Pan is pitched a little too speedily to allow the story and characters room to breathe. And when they do, their delivery is so urgent and earnest it’s as if they are determined to make an impression before the next set of colourful characters take their place.

With an increased running time and the playing to the gallery turned down a notch or three, Peter Pan could be a dramatic and stylish production. As it stands however, it feels like a whistlestop tour of the original with a heightened sense of urgency that runs so fast it loses its own shadow.

Livewire Theatre’s Peter Pan’s run is complete

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