FRINGE REVIEW – List Operators for Kids Do Compooters


Did you notice that spelling mistake in the title, did you, did you?  Yes, that’s a CLUE!  This show has poo in it.  And that’s just the beginning….

If you’re between the ages of 5 and 11 this show will have you giggling your head off, maybe even ROFL and if you can’t help it maybe even ROFLSHALBOWCO – and if you don’t get any of the acronyms, don’t worry, the hilarious Rich and Matt will soon explain it all as they take you through their tutorial about computers – sorry compooters.  They love the fact that they’re able to travel the world (they come from Australia) making audiences laugh uproariously at their comic routines, and it shows in their enthusiastic performance.

As we think back over the entertainments which we saw this morning, we can’t quite believe the wide variety of different situations and excitements we saw – and even got to join in.

There were plenty of funny routines, and the material was right up-to-the-minute encompassing the things which the audience may have encountered on their home computer – such as LOL Catz and Edward from Twilight.

We even had some historical computer funny business as audience members were invited up on stage to participate in a reconstruction of an early version of a computer game.

If you enjoy slapstick, puns, funny routines and are not too sensitive about the odd poo joke, then this is the show for you.

Added comments by Helen (13): “Really funny and loved the text-speak bit.  Think it’s suitable for kids younger than me, but it was still really good.”

Added comments by Alex (9):  “It was very funny, I really liked the scientific experiment they demonstrated as my Mum never allows me to do that one at home.”

Dates: 11 – 21 August  @ Pleasance Courtyard

By The McNaughton Family Review Team

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