Life Still is set in a devastated world following an unspecified apocalyptic event. Life enters this desolate space slowly – it is perhaps five minutes into the show before we see anything resembling a puppet. Gradually more signs of life emerge and scenarios are enacted using a range of everyday and scrap objects, from lampshades and pillowcases to scraps of wood and discarded ironmongery.

It is a slow-paced work and the eerie electronic soundtrack adds to the post-industrial mood. Unfortunately this mood carries through to the puppets themselves, and there seems very little warmth or whimsy to illuminate this grim world.

The puppeteers are innovative in their use of materials and their technique, but unfortunately the puppets occasionally suffer from this. It is difficult to sympathise with these characters when they don’t feel especially emotive themselves.

This is an ambitious experiment. which is only partly successful . It will definitely not appeal to those wanting a high energy show, but it is a thoughtful and interesting piece which exemplifies the unique experience which abound at the Fringe

3-29 Aug (not 16) 1540 (1640) @ Pleasance Courtyard

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