Female sketch group Lady Garden return to the Fringe with another hour of inventive and original sketches, ranging from the ridiculous to the even more ridiculous; and taking us into some delightfully dark corners of their garden.

This year’s show impresses due to a lack of filler. After an intro featuring the world’s most miserable hen party, things get off to a relatively safe and normal start, with sketches featuring genre staples such as toe-curling job interviews and questionable dating agencies.

Then, things take a darker turn, and Lady Garden’s show is all the better for it. Serial killers on holiday; murderers concealing bodies in Ikea bags; creepy characters who seem to have escaped from the nearest secure unit: when Lady Garden turn the tone towards the dark side, they really shine.

The girls’ performances are all strong, with each one of their personalities and styles distinct enough to make them individual, yet still gelling well as a group. Some running gags – particularly an inept and distracted tattoo artist – turn the absurdist dial up to the max; and by the end, the girls certainly are in a different place – and with a different look – to where they began an hour before.

All is certainly not rosy in the Lady Garden. But the dark parts which they take us to this evening are where the real comedy gold is buried.

Lady Garden runs from 9-29 Aug (not 16) at Pleasance Courtyard at 18:00. More details here.

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