Aireborn Theatre turn their storytelling prowess to the misty land of Albion in this immersive and engaging telling of the Arthurian legend; with stagecraft and direction that many contemporary theatre companies would do well to study and learn from.

Seats are arranged around the edges of the room as the audience enter, and the five cast members circle these, greeting children and adults as they search for Merlin’s missing story chest. Once this is found, the tale begins proper, with the actors taking seats amongst the audience as Merlin chooses who will perform the roles of the legend, selecting simple yet effective props and costumes from his trunk as the actors eagerly clamour for the chance to play Arthur or Guinevere.

As the quest unfolds, we are whisked from enchanted forests to tumultuous lakes, all under the spell of Aireborn’s charming ability to hold the audience’s attention; and appearing to have as much fun as we do as they do so.

By the time the tale of King Arthur is told and Merlin’s chest is closed once again, everyone in the audience has been won over by this charming and participatory piece of children’s theatre.

King Arthur runs until Aug 29 at C eca at 12:50. More details here.

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