FRINGE REVIEW – Jason Byrne: Cirque Du Byrne


Irish comedian Jason Byrne is back with his latest show: Cirque Du Byrne and with sell out crowds last year, this is one of the hottest tickets in town. The Irishman had the audience in stitches from the moment he walked on stage to the second he left it.

Jason is well known for getting members of the audience up, to help him during the show – and this was no different. The show this year was based on a circus theme, which was only apparent by the couple of circus references and the red ringmaster jacket that was worn.

A major part of the show that makes it different every time, is the ‘Gifts For Jason’ box, with Jason commenting on random items that have been left inside by members of the audience before the show. Everything from a banana to a giant lighter were left and it just adds to the comics every growing repertoire of stories.

With the topics of married life, sex, and Ireland, and also his time in Australia, Byrne has an aura on stage that is projected out to the crowd, which makes everyone feel part of what’s going on, on the stage. It’s impossible to dislike the guy – as he tries to see how many people he can fit into a pair of woman’s support underwear, then attempting to jump hurdles. Hysterical doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Yet another brilliant performance from Jason and one of his best yet.

By Elliot Bibby

Until 14th August   2120  at  Venue 150 @ EICC

Jason is touring throughout Scotland and the rest of the UK from September with this show. Catch him at a venue near you.

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