FRINGE REVIEW – Inventions Going Bang, Marty Jopson


If all the silliness of children’s shows is too much, and you’ve got some junior scientists in your family, then Marty Jopson would really like to see you at his show, finding out more about science.

The venue, in the Dans Paleis at Assembly George Square, was the first surprise for our reviewers, a beautiful tented structure with mirrored booths on the perimeter and a theatre set up under a large chandelier in the centre.  Rather different from some of the temporary structures we’ve been visiting in our Fringe journey.

The stage was set with various everyday objects, which during the course of the performance, took on their roles as items to demonstrate specific steps along the historical time-line on the development of the internal combustion engine.

The performance follows the format of a science history lesson, but one considerably enlivened by bangs, flashes and glorious demonstrations of spraying liquids along the way.

We don’t want to give away too much of the ‘plot’ as you really need to see this for yourselves, but if you think the kids have been dreaming the summer holidays away and need a gentle reminder that their return to school is not far off, then this show will remind them about the joys of learning and the excitement of science.

We really liked the way that Marty Jopson had used everyday objects to represent the various stages which inventions go through – whether they come from a ‘eureka’ moment, or are the result of hard graft and experimentation.

There was some debate between our reviewers, with our elder reviewer awarding 3 stars, and our junior reviewer being much more enthralled and awarding 4 stars.  We must err on the side of the lower review, but advise that this is probably an age distinction – with the show probably being more suitable for the under-10s rather than older children.

A good, solid show, which delivers what it says it will – lots of bangs!

Added comments by Helen (13): If you like bangs, then this is the show for you.
Added comments by Alex (9): It was very explosive.  I liked the bit with the can which was like an over-heating engine which looked very cool with soda spurting out of it.  I also really liked the Magdeburg vacuum flasks, and when they were released I got a fright!

By the McNaughton family review team

13 – 21 August @ Dans Paleis/Assembly, George Square

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