FRINGE REVIEW – I Hope My Heart Goes First, St George’s West


I Hope My Heart Goes First is a raw and innocent, but sprightly and light-hearted investigation of many variations of love.

An actor, who holds much promise, opens the piece in a misty and dreamy atmosphere. The performance is then comprised of successive and separate moments which thoughtfully reflect how love is experienced in many different ways.  Some of the artistic expression which the show uses is very powerful and manages to entrance the whole auditorium. Many of these effective moments are simultaneously incredibly exposing and very funny. Sporadic references, for example, from renowned romantic comedies are endearing and inventively used, where expressive delivery makes them feel fresh and intimate.

All exploratory ideas are unique and interesting but do not always have a completely effective impact. This is particularly due to many moments being indulged for too long which makes them feel monotonous and sometimes frustrating to watch. The acting often feels undeveloped and the performers are sometimes difficult to warm to. Those sitting on stage when not performing often look disinterested and lifeless and it is frequently difficult to decipher whether or not the assurance that the cast sought from one another is a performance.

However, there are some fantastic on-stage moments: the representation of the love of two sisters is accurate and innovative and the dramatised recreation of a certain famous heart-throb is hilarious. Despite flaws and an unnecessarily large cast, the show as a whole does feel natural and real; the emotional inexperience and youth of the cast is convincing and touching.

By Hayley-Jane Doyle

11-24 August, Times Vary @ St George’s West

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