FRINGE REVIEW – I Hate Rabbits, James Galea


Our two junior reviewers were very excited to be going to an evening magic show at a city centre venue: one which was not specifically aimed at a children’s audience.  And soon after the opening of the show they were sitting positively agog as they literally could not believe their eyes.

They were not alone in this: this is quite simply a splendid magic show.  The stagecraft was first class and the theatricality of James Galea was first rate.

His show opens with a video recording showing some of the famous faces he’s appeared with throughout the world, but there’s no real need to justify these connections, as his Edinburgh audience are quite happy to have him perform in the intimate surroundings of the Hawke and Hunter’s Green Room at Picardy Place without knowing that he’s wowed Richard Branson, and appeared with Ellen DeGeneres.

His routines centre round card tricks, sleight of hand and misdirection leading the audience to gasp in amazement.

We selected this show quite simply because it appeared in the Cabaret section of the Fringe Programme, therefore it was positioned close to the front, and unlike many of the shows listed there, it had a PG rating.  So, sorry to James and his publicity machine – but we had no preconceptions nor knowledge of his fame, but were possibly all the more enthralled by our lack of preparation.  It was only while waiting at the venue before the show that we saw the QR code on his poster which enticed us to use the i-nigma app to launch more information and saw one of his YouTube video clips.  The junior reviewers are getting used to spotting QR codes, while Mum still thinks they are ‘a little bit magic’.

In summary, this is a superb magic show, well performed, and we’d recommend it as a highlight for audiences of any age.

Added comments by Helen (13): “Just amazing. I just loved the last trick and I am still puzzled how you do it even though I have watched it on the Ellen DeGeneres show on YouTube.”

Added comments by Alex (9): “I thought it was amazing, brilliant and just plain awesome.  I got a magic set the other day and I have been doing it ever since I got home.”

Find out more: Twitter: @jamesgalea

Dates: 9-29 August @ The Playhouse at Hawke and Hunter Green Room, Picardy Place

By The McNaughton Family Review Team

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