FRINGE REVIEW – Greek Myths For Kids


A fast-moving and high energy piece for young children from Backhand Theatre, Greek Myths for Kids is filled with enough heroes, monsters and excitement to keep its young audience enthralled for its 40 minute length.

Using a mix of enthusiastic, humorous storytelling and charming handmade puppets, three classic myths are told. We therefore help a nervous Theseus defeat the minotaur and win the hand of Ariadne; witness Persephone’s plight as a rather scary Hades whisks her off to the Underworld; and join Perseus atop Pegasus in his quest to defeat Medusa.

The four performers carry the piece well, with clear delivery and a friendly manner which delights rather than patronises its audience. The puppets exude an equal charm, and there is at least one moment of striking visual beauty which draws gasps from everyone in the audience, no matter how old they happen to be.

Greek Myths for Kids is easy to recommend as a way of introducing these classic stories to children; and as an engaging and fun way to spend 40 minutes on a wet Fringe afternoon.

Greek Myths For Kids runs from 11-29 Aug (not 15) at 14:15 at C eca. More details here.

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