FRINGE REVIEW – From the Lilypad


With a magic flute, daring rodent musketeers and an evil greedy goblin, Tightlaced Theatre’s From The Lilypad has all the elements of a classic children’s fairytale.

Set around Tony ‘not a toad‘ the Frog’s pond, events are set in motion when the water fairy’s flute is stolen by the goblin and his crow henchmen. Together with Princess Alexandria and the duelling rat brothers, Tony sets off to retrieve the flute and make sure his beloved pond doesn’t dry out without the fairy’s magic.

With From the Lilypad, Tightlaced have created a charming, good-humoured tale which all the family will enjoy. With all the classic ingredients intact – colourful costumes, imaginative (though limited) sets and even a singalong at the end – the story moves at a good pace and will keep younger members of the audience entertained for its 45 minute length.

Writer Robert Howat steals the show as Tony: camp, cowardly but ultimately triumphant in his quest. The remaining four cast members are all good; having fun with the piece as they switch roles from rats to birds; goblins to handsome princes. Even the silent ‘helper fairy’ sparkles, as she knowingly mugs on and off stage with some failed attempts at magically altering the sets.

Although the action is a little lost at times on the large stage, by the end of From the Lilypad, order is suitably restored; and the audience have left happy after seeing a charming and witty fable which – like Tony’s pond – is filled to the brim with good fun and enthusiasm.

From the Lilypad runs from 6-28 Aug at Out of the Blue Drill Hall at 0900. More info here

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