FRINGE REVIEW – Doug Segal: I Know What You’re Thinking


He knows what you're thinking...

He knows what you're thinking...

There are times during Doug Segal’s mind reading show when you know exactly how he does it.

That’s because he tells you. Most of the time however, the likable mentalist confounds the audience with a series of routines which seem to defy explanation.

Describing himself as ‘like Derren Brown but with better hair’, Doug spends an hour using psychology, body language and suggestion to make us believe he really can see inside our heads. With a self-effacing manner and some well-delivered comic lines, he has the packed crowd onside from the start.

As this is a free Fringe show, Doug not only has to perform his show solo, but do all the tech too. To his credit, everything goes smoothly – even with an added layer of manic energy on top.

Doug’s skills are impressive: whether using his powers to make an audience member pick an imaginary card; or telling volunteers what word they are thinking of from a book, his quick-fire delivery ensures the show never lags and the hour speeds past as the tricks build to a mind-boggling climax.

Judging by the audience reaction and their chatter as they file out – collecting their free trick on the way – Doug Segal doesn’t need to be a mind reader to know what they’re thinking: that they’ve seen an hour of confounding, top-notch mentalism delivered by an enthusiastic and energetic performer who seems to have enjoyed his debut show as much as they have.

5-13 August at 20:45 (21:45) at Laughing Horse @ Three Sisters

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