FRINGE REVIEW – David Leddy’s Untitled Love Story


With a reputation for innovative and daring theatre which disregards convention, a new work by David Leddy is both guaranteed to be an experience; and to attract a crowd.

Untitled Love Story lives up to both of these, with a packed audience at ReMarkable Arts’ St George’s West keen to sample this writer and director’s new and immersive work.

The piece focuses on four very different characters: a passionate art historian; a young woman jilted by her fiance; a Catholic priest with an unconventional style of prayer; and a promiscuous art collector. Though separated by decades, they are linked by location – as the interconnected canals of Venice criss-cross their lives and stories. And, in Leddy’s lyrical and evocative script, they are also linked by repeating themes and phrases, such as emotionally-laden ‘sidelong glances’ and ‘songbirds the size of a girl’s fist’.

The innovation comes from several periods of guided meditation, inspired by the priest’s motivation; where the lights of the venue are switched off and we close our eyes, letting the mood of the script and the sound design lap into our subconscious like the ‘high water’ of the Venetian canals. This creates a unique mood – almost soporific – and one which suits the sombre and at times quite stark tone of the piece well.

Thematically, Untitled Love Story doesn’t have much to say: it’s a character and mood-driven piece rather than a narrative one. As a meditation on live and love however, it achieves its aim – and this atmospheric and intriguing new work stays lodged in the mind long after we’re asked to open our eyes.

David Leddy’s Untitled Love Story runs until 29 Aug (not Tuesdays) at ReMarkable Arts’ St George’s West. More details here.

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