FRINGE REVIEW – Dave Gorman’s Powerpoint Presentation


Dave Gorman is both author and comedian. He has been named in the, “Top 25 Most Influential Jewish Authors.” He is understandably pleased with this position, but there is one problem; he isn’t Jewish, but no one believes him. “Not that there’s anything wrong with being Jewish,” he protests, “It’s just that I’m not.”

Throughout the show he uses information from papers, magazine and the Internet to outline his take on the world, projected on a giant screen behind him.

He recalls familiar scenes, of life at home with his new wife, crafting his show neatly around himself, his likes and dislikes. It works well. People identify with Gorman, he calls this his ‘Everyman‘ character, a conclusion he has come to after fans and journalists continually refer to people as looking a bit like Dave Gorman. He projects images of some of these people; they look nothing like him, except perhaps for the brown hair and red beard.

Gorman’s show is slick, witty and well rehearsed. The audience lap it up.

There is a boyish charm to Gorman, he comes across as a practical joker and mischief maker and tells of his adventures on Twitter and Facebook and the consequences of chance encounters and remarks thereon. He has 1000s of followers, many of them in the audience.

A populist comedian, he hangs around for a chat afterwards with those who want to say hello. Brave, when you manage to fill a 500 seat auditorium every night for 3 weeks. Cue stampede.

Assembly @ George Square Theatre 1940(1hr)  until 28th August

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