Faith can be a dangerous thing. In Jonathan Lichtenstein’s play ‘Darkness’, we see a rural family torn apart by their fundamentalist beliefs.

We join the family as they gather on a wooded Welsh mountain to celebrate Ascension Day by awaiting for the Rapture. But all does not go according to plan. Daughter Caitlin brings her new foreign boyfriend, and his presence along with the arrival of a prodigal son throw the celebration into chaos.

Immigrant boyfriend Yann is billed as Muslim in the publicity material, but this is never referred to in this performance. Presumably this is due to casting or time limitations, but one can only guess at the impact this has on the play’s ultimate impact.

Lichtenstein has written a strong script, and there are some stand-out performances. However the emotional impact of some key scenes is lost when the ensemble cast do not appear to react to the revelations that are taking place around them. Whether this is due to choices made by the actors or director is unclear, but it proves to be something of a distraction.

The plot is involving and the time passes quickly, but with a few gentle tweaks this piece of theatre could be so much stronger than it already is.

5-29 Aug (not 15, 22) 1530 (1655) @ Zoo Roxy

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