FRINGE REVIEW – Cutting the Cord


Sparky, bright and inventive, Cutting the Cord, is a bizarre and intriguing discovery into the excitements and difficulties of emigrating.

With a touch of promenade, the audience is made to feel increasingly close to Kimura; an impressive feat considering that throughout the performance she physically moves further and further away from the audience.  She is highly personable and invites the audience to very willing and quickly relax. Compassion and admiration flow in heaps on to the stage in her direction. Despite some occasional stumbling and a sometimes distracting lack of clarity and diction, Kimura’a voice has a therapeutic tone, with an ability to be convincingly heartfelt and endearingly enthusiastic.

Her ability to hold tremendous focus, through such different emotions and styles is impressive. A delightful and interesting layering of stories and characters gives both humour and sorrow. Some fragments, however, are more difficult to follow and, despite successful and constant alterations of pace and emotion, these rare fragments are disruptive to the fluidity and smoothness of the piece.

The piece is imaginative and playful, full of secrets and surprises. An innovative set and lighting are tied perfectly to each other, and to Kimura, by Clark. His stunning music is inviting and deliciously full and silky. He and Kimura have a strong and visible bond on stage where his melodies and rhythms are strongly entwined around them both. All performance elements combine provided a strong, sensory delight.

Soothing, quirky and vivid, the piece evokes enchanting contemplation.

Review by Hayley-Jane Doyle

5-27 August, 18:45 @ Underbelly – Bigbelly

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