Ever since she was little, Cloudia has dreamed of finding a real, live Cloud Man. In this charming and captivating tale from Ailie Cohen Puppet Maker, we follow her to the top of Cloud Mountain, where she not only realises her dreams, but the importance of respecting the freedom of others.

This 45-minute piece is aimed at children between 4-7 and is a storybook unfolding before its spellbound audience’s eyes. Mixing mime and an expressively comic performance, Jen Edgar plays Cloudia as a geeky and obsessed scientist, following the clues to the top of the mountain, where she finally comes face to face with her goal.

When we meet the Cloud Man himself, the little figure exudes all the charm and preciousness of a wispy cloud on a summer’s day. Generating gasps and excited chatter from the youngsters in the front rows, the tiny white fellow – operated by Edgar herself – also causes laughter from everyone as he explores Cloudia’s mountain top hut, where we learn how much Cloud Men love shortbread.

Ailie Cohen directed and designed The Man Who Planted Trees by Puppetstate Theatre Company, and Cloud Man has a similar tone, being a beautifully realised and delicately performed piece of puppetry which entrances the audience and contains a moral message which doesn’t feel forced.

As the children in the audience file out, still talking excitedly about cloud men, even the adults who have seen this charming little tale take a glance upwards at the sky outside.

Cloud Man runs from 7-24 Aug (not 8, 15) at Hill Street Theatre at 11:00. More details here.

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