FRINGE REVIEW – Clockheart Boy, C Venues


By Hayley-Jane Doyle

Clockheart Boy is an equally heart-wrenching and playful piece which sharply appeals to all generations. Its deeper significance is subtly and creatively portrayed, giving the performance a touching and interesting texture.

From the outset the performance feels intimate and engaging, with the instant revealing of a beautiful set as soon as the audience reaches the auditorium. Although at times their use of the set could be slicker, it was a touching and mischievous embellishment to the captivating story telling and made the performance feel delightfully fresh.

All characterisation is eccentric, amusing and most certainly consistent. The whole cast evokes a warming and friendly vibe and combines excellently to create a bustling, bright and fun-filled stage. All performers, particularly the Professor, maintain a fantastic audience connection, perfectly mixing comic entertainment with emotional and thought-provoking acting.

The writing of this charming and endearing show is beautifully delicate and descriptive, managing to touchingly construct a twinkling imaginative world. It has a gripping quality to it, leaving the audience absorbed by the remarkable and dreamy tale.

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