FRINGE REVIEW – Circolombia – Intimo Urban


If you are a regular Fringe-goer, you have probably seen some very memorable modern circus shows in recent years. You know the sort of thing – spotlights playing over rippling muscles as an impossibly beautiful young cast perform superhuman physical feats to a loud, funky soundtrack.

Circolombia will bring back pleasant memories of such shows, but it also adds its own distinct flavour to the mix. These young performers represent the finest of the Colombian National circus school, and the loose narrative they tell is based on their own personal stories.

The young cast present street life in all its exuberance, immediacy and violence. We see love, joy, addiction, gang warfare and petty rivalry – all told through the performers’ considerable physical skills. Thus we have samples of aerial work, bullwhips, acrobatics, skipping, strength and more, all accompanied by live vocals, original music and street dance.

This is not as polished as some of the circuses you will see, but what it lacks in precision it more than makes up for in raw energy and authenticity. Book your tickets now: this is going to be the show you hear about all month long.

Aug 4-29 (not 15) 1200 (1310) @ Assembly Hall

5 stars for Circolombia

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