As the playing cards fly around the Bosco tent, Javier Jarquin justifies the long, lonely hours he claims to have spent practicing and perfecting his routines – and shows us why he has the right to call himself the Card Ninja.

Using an ordinary deck of cards, Jarquin takes the audience through a series of ‘trials’ – each one demonstrating a different ninja ability. We therefore see how far a playing card can be thrown in the distance trial; and witness his ability to turn them into little spinning boomerangs in a demonstration of control.

In between the card routines, Jarquin tells us a little about his journey from IT worker to Card Ninja, in some affable and engaging comedy – but it is his ability to make cards do his bidding which appeals the most, especially as there is no sleight-of-hand or trickery involved in his increasingly impressive feats.

With some amusing and good-natured audience participation, the show zips past as quickly as one of Jarquin’s spinning cardboard shuriken; and it’s likely many in the audience will be trying to fling cards around their own bedrooms as soon as they get home.

Card Ninja runs until 28 Aug at Assembly George Square Gardens at 13:00. More details here

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