FRINGE REVIEW – Best of the Fest @Assembly


Ordinarily, when you go to see a show at the Fringe, the spotlight is on one person. Best of the Fest at Assembly, goes one step further by showcasing a range of the comedians from across the festival. Each comedian has roughly 15 minutes to dazzle with an excerpt from their own show, whilst you are allowed the opportunity to experience four comics for the price of one.

The comedians featuring in this show change every night, keeping the format fresh and exciting. Last night’s compère was Jason Cook, who immediately got the audience going with his observations of various spectators past and present. His warm-up made way for Jack Whitehall, who had the audience doubled over with laughter as he divulged the inner most secrets of a lads holiday.

Following Jack Whitehall, Paul Nichol entertained us with musical comedy. He led the way to more observational and opinion based comedy courtesy of Dave Fulton, an American now living in the UK, who got many a laugh from the audience as he told us how far he really would go to win a bet. Closing the show was comedy circuit newbie Chris Ramsey, who got a roar of laughs from telling us about his experience as an audience member on the Jeremy Kyle show.

Best of the Fest was a great way to see snippets of what the Fringe has to offer. I can’t think of a better way to be entertained, whilst adding more comedians to my list to see next year. A very enjoyable hour and a half, that’s not to be missed.

By Chiara Pannozzo

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