FRINGE REVIEW – Bang Bang Circus


With too much filler and not enough bang for your buck, this circus has entertaining moments but mostly misses the target.

In a mid-afternoon slot in the mirrored Spiegeltent in George Square Gardens, Bang Bang Circus does possess an old-time vaudeville charm. However, the acts on stage are predominantly street entertainers – not necessarily a bad thing, but not really that different from what you can see on the Royal Mile every day in August for free.

We get the contortionist, the sword swallower, the juggler – all competent, but none truly outstanding. The acts are introduced by a mime artist ringmaster dressed as Charlie Chaplin – and although the young children in the audience at this family friendly show warm to him, his routine begins to wear a little bit thin for the adults.

Bang Bang Circus’ heart is most definitely in the right place; and entertainers of this kind grease the wheels of fringe festivals worldwide. It’s a shame however that there’s simply not enough here to cause a big bang – and also that one of the only advantages it has over watching similar entertainment on the street is at least it’s guaranteed to be dry.

Bang Bang Circus is at the Assembly George Square Gardens at 16:00. More details here.

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