Joe Bone is mind-blowingly talented. As tough-talking hired gun Bruce Bane, he requires no props, no set and only a live soundtrack provided by guitarist Ben Roe to bring the New York criminal underworld to life.

For those new to the Bane saga, this is the third installment of the comic trilogy designed to be viewable in any order or indeed as individual shows. The story is Hollywood action flick meets film noir with all the usual stereotypes and references present and correct. It is played mostly for laughs, though the broad humour works rather less well than some of the clever, self-referential stuff and the attempts at genuine drama can feel misplaced.

The energy Bone expends onstage will be the source of envy for many a performer at this stage in the month. He bounds about the stage, creating an entire cast of characters, extras and sets through nothing more than mime and his own vocal ability. Roe’s music is the perfect accompaniment, helping to create an atmosphere whilst never intruding.

With a galaxy of stars to his name and sell-out audiences cheering his every move, Bone seems to be a man at the peak of his powers. And he is obviously working hard to be there.

4-28 Aug (Thurs, Sun, Mon only) 1720 (1820) @ Pleasance Dome

NB: Bane shows on Tuesdays and Fridays and Bane 2 on Wednesdays and Saturdays throughout August at the same time and venue.

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