FRINGE REVIEW – Baby Wants Candy


If you like surprises, silliness, free candy and the knowledge that you are definitely seeing something that is a true one-off, then Baby Wants Candy will not leave you wanting.

Baby Wants Candy is a longform improvised musical based entirely around the first phrase shouted out by an audience member, no matter how mundane or ridiculous.  For the next hour, both cast and band, make up the show as they go along with no verbal communication between cast members whilst they are not performing.  Staging itself is minimal, just a couple of chairs and a set of steps leading to a higher level platform, which allows the cast more freedom for scene creation and more importantly their often ridiculous, certainly funny,improvised dance routines. The cast themselves conjure up the scenery, mood and setting.

Everything is unexpected, both to the audience and the cast. Once the show starts, no one really knows what direction it is going to go in; the art is in conjuring a story from nothing, in expanding it and
concluding it within the allotted hour, to music of course! Will one of the cast lose it? What character will come next? Where are they going to go with the story? How is he going to make something rhyme
with that word in the song? Did that cast member just deliberately try and throw the other one? Why am I nervous when I’m just an audience member?

Since each show is unique, it lends itself to multiple visits. Judging from the response of the audience when the cast first appeared, they already have more than their fair share of regular patrons, but by the end they had deservedly converted a few more.

Baby Wants Candy is both clever and entirely childish and silly at the same, but there in lies its appeal.  The story may not entirely make sense, but in the spirit of improvisation, let your own imagination
fill in the blanks or, just sit back and be entertained.

5-29th Aug (Not 22nd) 2015 (2115) @  Assembly

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