FRINGE REVIEW – Axis of Awesome


Comedy rock band, the axis of awesome, are what some would call an Edinburgh Fringe success story. It was only four years ago that Lee, Jordan, and Benny were performing for a small crowd, down in a dark room in the Gilded Balloon. This year they are back headlining the main room with their all-new show.

As the crowd took their seats to the sounds of some old classics like the ‘Ghostbusters’ theme tune and also a new remixed, heavy metal version of Justin Bieber’s, ‘Baby’ the anticipation began to grow. The band took twenty minutes to arrive on stage but the wait was worth it. Each band member appeared on stage, one after the other, pretending to play solos on their individual instruments. The backing track continued to play every time they spoke though, leaving the crowd laughing.

The Australian trio, who have had over 25 million YouTube hits, played a few of their old songs as well as a host of new ones. The new songs were greeted well by the crowd and were funny, but didn’t have the ‘wow’ factor of the old numbers. There’s everything from an ‘Applause’ song about how people clap at the wrong moments, to a Christian Rock number. The laughter is kept up throughout the whole gig, with the continuous gags about Benny’s height.

Every three or so songs, they sang the intro to Aerosmith’s, ‘Don’t Want To Miss A Thing’, with their unique comedy take on it. Singing about recent current affairs in the world, this was a brilliant running theme throughout the show, and the audience always knew that the next line would have them laughing.

Overall, a great performance and a show worth seeing.

By Elliot Bibby

19th – 29th August 21:30 @ Gilded Balloon Teviot

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