FRINGE REVIEW – Andy Parsons: Gruntled


It was a night of sophisticated and intelligent comedy at Assembly Hall on the Mound tonight, as Andy Parsons delivered his stand up show, Gruntled, to a packed out venue. And gruntled Parsons was, as he talked the audience through his interpretation of current affairs and British politics.

The satirical nature of the performance engaged the audience as Parsons publicly verbalised what a great deal of us are thinking. Talking frankly about the economic situation and recent political events in our society, Parsons’ knowledge on the subjects he ridiculed was clearly born out of a deep interest in such areas. With observations about the ineptitude of certain leading figures within our society, Parsons struck a chord with many, and held the audience in his hand throughout the performance.

Andy Parsons unique brand of comedy is bolstered further by his ability to deliver a punch line. The irony in his voice was clearly detectable, and kept the audience laughing throughout. Drawing on British affairs that had happened only a week ago, Parsons demonstrated his versatility as a comedian, applying those skills clearly honed on Mock the Week, by incorporating a number of impromptu gags, inspired by his spectators.

With such a range of material and comedic attributes, Andy Parsons:Gruntled, not only split my sides, but clearly had the same effect on those around me. An unforgettable way to spend a Saturday night, and something I wish I could do more often.

By Chiara Pannozzo

Until 28 August, Assembly Hall, 21:00 (22:00). More information here.

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