Alphonse’s exploration of a lost child which has an outrageous imagination is intriguing and striking from the outset.

Nashman’s characterisation of so many diverse characters, despite occasionally having a lack of distinction between them, is extremely impressive and engaging. The convincing characterisation keeps the minds of the audience working, allowing them to remain engaged and challenged. He successfully shifts from narration to character with ease and passion. Nashman manages to create tension and bonds between the characters even though he is playing every single one; undeniably remarkable.

With the impeccable delivery of Mouawad’s writing; Nashman practices story telling at its finest. The pace, at times, runs away with itself, to the detriment of the piece, but on the whole, Nashman is in full and ultimate control of his performance.

The significance of the piece is approached with distinct originality, embracing an abstract and metaphorical imaginative world. The show profoundly highlights the phenomenal power of stories as well as countless other issues such as the distinction between truth and belief, diversity of perspectives and the value of the invisible.

By Hayley-Jane Doyle

9-28, 11:45 @ Pleasance Courtyard

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