FRINGE REVIEW – A World Without Words


By Hayley-Jane Doyle

A World Without Word’s exploration of an intense and exposed relationship, where each emotion is pushed to almost unimaginable heights, is utterly slick and captivating.

A blonde’s deliciously sexy performance opens the show, setting an extremely high benchmark for stage presence. This charm, immediately established, is constantly building throughout, where each and every explosion of dance feels more powerful than the one just seconds before. The female members of the cast make it an extremely challenging, and arguably unachievable, task for the male members to entirely match them. All individual performances grow more fresh and convincing as the piece progresses. The more distressing and fast-paced fragments of the piece, where the characters are most exposed, are remarkably effective.

Cave’s vast array of feelings are illustrated magnificently, both through stunning movement and enchanting facial expression. She reaches each emotion with clarity and uncompromising passion and, like the remainder of the cast, manages to reach phenomenal contrast between each emotion too. Cave’s explicit and endearing expression contrasted well with Anyimadu’s beautifully cool subtly, which did however, at times, have space for heightened intensity and audience connection.

The strength of the chorus are an asset to the piece. Snap-shots of them illustrating the lead couple’s relationships are incredibly inviting and intriguing. The couple’s achievement of such impressive texture, during such quick glimpses, screams out for deeper exploration by them, if the constraints of time could be evaded. Epitomized by the playful but zealous ‘bed dance’, the choreography of the piece is creative and impulsive. It is executed throughout with excellent timing and strength, where jerky motifs tie the whole piece together and allow for the emergence of fierce emotion. Despite the choreography not always pushing the chorus to the upper levels of their evidently high abilities, it remained incredibly powerful and was not outshone by the impressive backing track.

Stylishly simple, simply heart-breaking.

4-20 August, 1415 @ C Venues – C

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