FRINGE REVIEW – The Noise Next Door: Their Finest Hour


As the room gradually fills, and people take their seats, they are serenaded by two of the members from the group. Also up in the corner of the room, there are two puppets similar to Statler and Waldorf (from the Muppets) messing around with each other, and also anyone else that gets too close to them.

The light’s go down and instantly the 5 of them burst onto stage, with a cloud of white dust accompanying them – which hangs in the air for the first few minutes, leaving the place smelling of talcum powder. Dressed in their trademark attire of all black, each with different coloured ties. They start the show with a song about 5 of the audience members Perfect Partner’s, singing about random characters to a well choreographed dance routine. The song at the start gives the room a vibe and everyone is eager to see what’s next.

Suggestions from the crowd help them to carry out a rather strange mission to and from the moon to save Carol Vordermon, and then destroy her using avocado oil – yes it does get as crazy as this. A txt from a borrowed mobile phone acts as the conversation between an audience member (played by Tom) and in this show a suggested Charles Dickens. This left the audience asking ‘please sir, can we have some more’ – with this theme recurring throughout. Sound effects and spotlights are used very well to add to the txt message theme.

With lots of side games between members, with an indie song about a relationship with a robot to an encounter between Harry Potter and Voldermort talking about Barack Obama, the audience is kept entertained for the full hour – and it is definitely their finest. It is easy to see that they have been performing together for 6 years, as they bounce off each other, with small comments like “You know far too much about (Harry Potter) that topic” and have the audience laughing throughout.

The simple-ness of the 5 members standing in a lift, acting as 5 random fictional/ non-fictional characters at the end is a brilliant finale. The beauty of the show is that, no two performances are the same, which keeps bringing people back.

Review by Elliot Bibby

11-29 August  (not 10th & 17th ) 16:30 @ Pleasance Courtyard: Beneath

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