FRINGE REVIEW – The Ginge, The Geordie, and the Geek – All New Show


The lights dim, and a projector plays a short, show reel of what to expect over the next hour – 34 sketches, 269 props, and 312, costume changes. This all-new show is one of the two shows that the Ginge (Graeme Rooney) the Geordie (Paul Charlton) and the Geek (Kevin O’Loughlin) are performing at this year’s festival, with the other being the highlights of their 09/10 sell out shows.

Each sketch is brilliantly thought out and has original ideas with great punch lines. The lads are oozing confidence and bounce off each other with perfect comedic timing.  With each sketch lasting a couple of minutes and loud 80’s music pumping in between, the audience are kept on a high throughout.

This family friendly show has everything from garden gnomes, men riding brushes into battle, the big bad wolf on a rehabilitation programme with the three little pigs and Mr. Tumnus popping up in awkward situations.

Reappearing characters are cleverly woven into the show and have the audience applauding every sketch. The performance concludes with a video montage showing various characters from the sketches having a ball in Edinburgh.

The Ginge, the Geordie and the Geek are definitely one of the best Edinburgh sketch groups performing at the Fringe this year and well worth an hour of your time.

By Elliot Bibby

Until 28th August 16:45  @ Just The Tonic at The Caves

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