FRINGE REVIEW – Barry and Stuart, Show and Tell: The Show


From the second I walked through the door, I could feel the excitement inside me as if I was a small child again. I don’t know if it was becaiuse I am a magician myself or it was the red glasses I had just been given for the show. Barry and Stuart are already well known for their dark and gory take on magic and this was evident from the start. With strange techno music playing and the stage set up with a few large boxes and props, this left the audience intrigued at what mysteries were about to unfold over the following hour.

The red glasses that had been issued are used throughout as ‘spoilers’ to certain tricks, leaving it up to you the decision to take a peek or not. This theme is continued through the whole show, leaving the audience thinking “is this really how it’s done? Or is it a double bluff? “

Barry and Stuart are friendly in their methods of audience participation and certainly don’t make fools out of any volunteers. The inclusion of some ‘social network’ tricks, gives a modern take on magic as Barry and Stuart continue to push the boundaries of what is possible.  With comedy interspersed throughout the perofrmance and a touch of ad-libbing the audience are highly entertained.

‘The Show’ is the first part of their two-part performance at the Fringe this year. In their second show they apparently reveal the secrets of their first show. I say ‘apparently’ as opted not to see the second show. I wanted to continue the feeling that magic had indeed been produced in front of my eyes. Only ticket holders to ‘The Show’ can get entrance to ‘The ‘Tell’ , which starts at midnight.

The mix of magic and comedy is a sure fire winner with the possible death of a goldfish adding the danger element to the performers ever growing repertoire. The finale itself  is worth the price of the ticket.

Like magic and comedy?  This mystical duo is a must-see Fringe show for you.

By Elliot Bibby

On until 28th August  22:15 @ Udderbelly’s Pasture

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